Some of my fine art goes back 60+ years. My studies in Graz and Vienna, Austria, have given me a sound training for traditional and contemporary art. If my work contains visible influence by any artist at all, it would have to be the father of modern art – Paul Cezanne. However, the work throughout my development has touched several other styles. I have classified them here as Semi-abstract, Abstract, Hard Edge, Representational, Symbolic and Surreal. However, strictly speaking, many paintings of one or the other related styles that artists use, have a touch of Expressionism or Impressionism as well. Independent of different approaches, my themes and subjects deal generally with a universal meaning.
As media I have used mostly oil and acrylic on canvas. I have also worked with mixed media such as modelling paste and used air brush. Predominantly I have produced my artwork without first making a sketch. The process then was spontaneous exploration. Although a native of Austria and trained there, I consider myself as a Canadian artist who had the opportunity to live and create independently in Toronto, Ontario, since 1958. I hope you enjoy viewing my online art gallery. Joseph Roitner