Gallery – Representational

Representational art usually refers to images that are clearly recognizable for what they purport to be,

such as a human figure, a portrait, a tree, and so on. Such images need not be true to life. So a tree does not have

to be green, or even upright, but it must clearly represent or be recognizable as a tree.

  • Town on a Slope

    From imagination this suburb town, seen from above has a tendency toward a semi-abstract look but form and colour rather representational. Oil on canvas , 66 cm x 78 cm / 1964

  • Stormy Forest

    Spelling it out – the title made it less suspenseful.

  • St. Andre de Cubzac

    Town of St. Andre de Cubzac, France, seen as it was in the 19th Century. Hometown of my late wife, Jeanine. The background with its vineyards and water tower is still the same. Modeling past and oil on Masonite / 60 cm x 90 cm / 1964

  • Sleeping Land

    Winter is another word for this image. Oil on canvas / 76 cm x 101 cm / 1962 Sold  

  • Self-Portrait

    Although formally related to Cubism, it is of representational character. This painting stems from a time before travelling to Canada. The background hints faintly at the left of an easel that remains behind and to the right the Ocean I would soon cross. Oil on laminated Cardboard x / 1953

  • Roses in Vase

    This is my last more detailed representational painting for the next twenty years. Oil on canvas board / 45cm x 40cm / 1958

  • Olga Neely / Kirkland Lake

    At a Northern Ontario Exhibition in Timmins, they awarded me with three first prizes and sent the portrait of Ann Neely to Toronto’s National Exhibition. Both Portraits of the Neely’s remained with the family. Oil on canvas board / 60 cm x 40 cm / 1954

  • Anne Neely

    At a Northern Ontario Exhibition in Timmins, they awarded me with three first prizes and sent the portrait of Ms. Anne Neely to Toronto’s National Exhibition. The Portrait remained with the family at Kirkland Lake, Ontario. Oil on canvas board / 50 cm x 40 cm / 1954

  • Canadian Still-life

    The painting although called representational, the arrangement of this Still-life is symbolic if not surreal. Oil on canvas board / 30 cm x 35 cm / 1954

  • Jeanine, my Wife

    Married two years, first painting of my gracious wife. Oil on canvas board / 40 cm x 26 cm / 1959

  • Jeanine / Inward

    Spatial painting, expressed  with effective colours and depth, still representational in my development. Jeanine  is reflecting on something while sitting. Oil on canvas board / 40 cm x 30 cm / 1959

  • Mother and Child

    My contribution to mothers, without symbolizing the sainthood in religious terms. Oil on heavy card board / 70 cm x 49 cm

  • Boat with Moon

    A slightly romantic setting of distant past. Mod. Paste & Oil on Masonite / 69.8 cm x 49.5 cm / Sold

  • Fairy Castle

    Our dreams like seen in a looking-glass that emerge every so often from dark, uncertain places.  Oil on Canvas board / 76 cm x 63 cm / 1959

  • Laundry in Landscape

    From the series “Laundry”, the drying of clothes on a line as it used to be. Oil on Canvas / 96 cm  x 89 cm / 1966    

  • Hanging Laundry

    Figurative: From the series  “Laundry” , hanging clothes in the city on top of an apartment building.  Oil on Canvas / 96 cm x 81 cm / 1966

  • Roses 1953, Still-life

    Although, because of the influence in my studies, my forms were leaning toward cubism, this Still-life is a testimony of understanding and loving painterly, impressionistic qualities with a dimensional appearance. Oil on laminated card board / 48 cm x 34 cm / 1953

  • Gusti, 1956

    A friend of mine who agreed to sit for me so I could draw her. Pencil on Paper / approx. 32 cm x 26 cm / 1956 / work remained with the family

  • King David

    In this figurative painting I attempted to honour the arts, as music and poetry that has come from the past down to us. Oil on Masonite / 65 cm x 48 cm / 1957

  • Boy in Red Sweater

    Our son, Daniel, not yet two years old, was my model. Pleasant souvenir. Oil on Canvas / 71cm x 40 cm / 1959 / gift to family Walker

  • Homecoming

    Coming home from work, a welcome reception from my family. The warm glow of domestic peace. Oil on Canvas / 71 cm x 81 cm / 1964 / Sold.

  • Countryside

    I believe Paul Cézanne is looking over my shoulder, and what an honour!  Oil on Canvas / 81 cm x 91 cm / 1964 / Sold

  • Attic Collections

    Items from the past that we seldom see. Oil on Canvas / 76 cm x 86 cm  / 1964

  • Lake Rousseau Cottage

    Back to the Impressionists for one more self-evident aesthetic view. Oil on canvas / 61 cm x 76 cm / 2004 / Sold

  • Evolving

    Ink-drawing. A treelike object sprouts from an artificial source. Black Ink-drawing on paper / 1979

  • Imaginary Mountains

    Landscape of rough mountains, only in my mind. Pencil drawing / 20 cm x 25 cm / 1989

  • Flight of the Monarch

    The monarch butterfly’s incredible long flight across many miles, with their own inborn compass. Oil on Canvas / 66 cm x 81 cm / 1996 / Sold

  • First Sign of Spring

    Crocuses end of March in Toronto. First sign of spring. Acrylic on Canvas / 38 cm x 43 cm / 1999

  • Evelyn, A Day to Remember

    A festive day for our Granddaughter, (Portrait of Evelyn) that her Grandfather tried to capture. Acrylic on Canvas / 71 cm x 56 cm / 2002 / Gift to her  

  • Portrait of Lisa C.

    Light is blinding the model. Oil on Canvas / 51cm x 40 cm / 1990 / Gift to her parents

  • Cosmos X

    My imaginary Cosmos farther away than the real one, and not anymore in existence as we see it. Oil on Canvas / 91 cm x 91 cm / 2004  

  • Kolob Canyon (Utah) USA

    Spectacular rock formation. Acrylic on Canvas board / 40.6cm x 50.8 cm / 2002 / sold

  • Dark Clouds over Bay

    Romantic view with a castle down the river toward the sea. Oil on Canvas / 71 cm x 91 cm / 1988

  • Clouds into Space #1

    First version of this subject: connection with the Universe. Oil on Canvas / 56 cm x 71 cm / 1987 / painting is in France

  • Clouds into Space #2

    Earth, clouds, sky, space, orbits to the source of energy at centre. Oil on Canvas / 76 cm x 101 cm / 1993

  • Clouds Below #2

    Study and view above clouds. Oil on Canvas / 56 cm x 71 cm / 1997

  • Clouds Below #1

    Cloud study at sunset. Oil on Canvas board / 30.4 cm x 40.6 cm / 1997

  • Chinese Mountains #2

    Peculiar uprising of mountain ranges in an otherwise flat landscape. Oil on Canvas / 53 cm x 66 cm / 1985

  • Chinese Mountains #1

    Peculiar uprising of mountain ranges in an otherwise flat landscape. Oil on Canvas board / 35.5 cm x 45.7 cm / 1984/ gift to friend in Switzerland

  • Canadian Shield

    The rough but beautiful Canadian north. Oil on Canvas / 106.6 x 81.2 cm / 1996 / Sold

  • Burning Tree

    In other words, the orange-red glow of autumn. Acrylic on Canvas / 71.1 x 55.8 cm / 2002  

  • Brooding Universe

    Events in the Universe, mood-like, transitional in the making. Oil on Canvas / 60.9 x 50.8 cm / 1989  Gifted.

  • Bouquet of Roses

    After not painting for seven years I took up again a representational style. Oil on Cardboard / 60.9 x 40.6 cm / 1978 / this work went to Sophie Jucker / Swiss

  • Bluffers Park, Scarborough

    Perfect Park for picnics at the lake in Scarborough. At this time peaceful, void of people. Acrylic on Canvas / 76.2 x 101.6 cm / 2002

  • Blue Night

    Landscape at night illuminated. Oil on Wood Panel / 40.6 x 50.8 cm / 1995 / Painting went to family Jorgenson

  • Bahamas’ Shore

    Rough shoreline, warm blue waters and sky in the Bahamas. Oil on Canvas / 40.6 x 50.8  cm / 1987 / to Gabriella / Graz

  • Autumn’s Forest

    Difficult to put this painting into a style category. I chose representational because it is the view of a forest seen from above. Acrylic, Canvas, mixed Med. / 45.7 x 55.8 cm / 2002

  • Lost Civilisation

    At Angkor Wat, once again, my fascination of ancient empires as in “Lost Civilisation” at Cambodia of Khmer people, who were followers of Buddhism and ancestor-spirit worship. The monumental architecture with inserted sculptured portraits is most distinctive. Acrylic on Canvas / 101.6 x 76.2 cm / 2000

  • Allan (portrait)

    Our son, Allan, teacher; in his spare time sportive, bird-watcher. Oil on canvas board / 40.6 x 30.4 cm / 2011  Gifted.

  • Mountains, air brush

    At sunset in the mountains. Air brush on paper / 38 cm x 48 cm / 1989    

  • Rugged Mountains

    Imaginary mountain landscape after an earlier drawing. Acrylic, mixed media on canvas / 75 cm x 101 cm / 2005

  • October in Forest

    Woods in fall colors rise over a lake under dark sky. Oil on wood panel / 30 cm x 40 cm / 2003

  • Self Portrait / 2006

    My last Self-portrait. Oil on Canvas / 30.4 x 45.7 cm / 2006

  • Sea Vortex

    Undersea activity, noticed from my own dimension. Oil on canvas / 81 cm x 71 cm / 1998

  • Seashore with Mountains

    Crashing turbulent waves against the shore, mountains in distance. Oil on Canvas / 60.9 x 76.2 cm / 1994 / Gift to Ulli B., Graz

  • Sea Lions

    The animal family. Pen drawing on light blue paper / approx. 24 cm x 30 cm / 1979

  • Scarborough Bluffs

    Historical view. The foreground has since changed drastically. Oil on Canvas / 76.2 x 50.8 cm / 1988

  • San Rafael Desert, Utah

    This is as far as I would go with Realism. Still painterly. Oil on Canvas / 76.2 x 91.4 cm / 2004 / not for sale.

  • Salzburg – Jedermann # 1

    Grandiose view of old Salzburg with the fortified Castle in the background. Below the Cathedral at left a stage is erected. They perform since the 1920’s every summer the play “Jedermann” by Hofmannsthal. (Everyman) Oil on Canvas / 55.8 x 66.0 cm / 1987 / sold

  • Festival Salzburg / Jedermann

    The other title of this work could be called “Jedermann #2”. His demise when death is at his side, while all his deceptive friends  have left him. However, the expansion in this view incorporates, imaginary, Mozart who is observing all the attention of this Salzburg Festival  that he never had in his hometown.  Oil on Canvas / 81.2 x […]

  • Salmon Cove, Nfld.

    “Salmon Cove” in Newfoundland, a commission by Sandra and Larry Peters. The location is one of their favorite memories. Oil on Canvas / 55.8 x 106.6 cm / 1998 / sold

  • Rouge Valley

    Showing that glorious, colourful time of the year that was for an outing Jeanine’s favourite season.

  • Roses in Landscape #1

    Unusual arrangement of a still-life. Oil on canvas / 61 cm x 51 cm / 1992

  • Romantic Seashore

    True to the title – it is a romantic view with sunset over a sea with cliffs and a stranded ship. Oil on Canvas / 66.0 x 55.8 cm / 1989

  • Roman Arena

    At the city of Saintes – France, the remnant of a Roman Arena.   Oil on Canvas board / 40.6 x 50.8 cm / 1983 / France

  • Rocky Mountains

    The Canadian Rockies in the west. Oil on Canvas / 55.8 x 76.2 cm / 1985

  • River in Woodland

    Landscape seen from birds-eye view. Representational in a broad sense. Oil on Canvas / 60.9 x 91.4 cm / 2005

  • River Dried Out

    An imaginary European landscape and a river lacking water. Otherwise, giving the impression of an 19th century style painting. Oil on Canvas / 76.2 x 101.6 cm / 1995

  • Ring Nebula

    Painted from an image taken through a telescope. Oil on Canvas / 60.9 x 50.8 cm / 2001 / not for sale

  • Remnant Unidentified #2

    This painting is a copy of the original Remnant Unidentified # 1. My science fiction interpretation. What, if we ever could visit a planet whose population has died out… Or vice versa, after mankind on earth has long disappeared, if a space traveller would land? Oil on Canvas / 81.2 x 106.6 cm / 1995

  • Remnant Unidentified #1

    Meaning of this image is explained in “Remnant Unidentified #2, 1995”. Oil on Canvas board / 40.6 x 50.8 cm / 1985

  • Red Cliff and Mountains

    This landscape I saw only in my mind.  Oil on Canvas / 55.8 x 71.1 cm / 1986

  • Rain Forest

    A number of my paintings may appear abstract but are in fact representational. Seen from a birds-eye view; a wide-ranging landscape.  Acrylic on Canvas / 55.8 x 60.9 cm /2000

  • Deserted Postcard Resort

    Beautiful scenery seen on my travel in Spain. However, in this painting of Collioure, St. Vincent Beach,  the town is void of any human population. Notice in front of the boats two giant figure imprints in the sand and a large beach ball beside. Oil on Canvas / 60.9 x 81.2 cm / 1986

  • Poppies in Vase

    Showing the contradiction between the healthy poppies and the smoking cigarette in the ashtray. Oil on Canvas board / 50.8 x 40.6 cm / 1992

  • Pier Fury

    Study of a primitive, battered but friendly seashore. Oil on wood panel / 41 cm x 51 cm / 1991 / Gifted  

  • Pebble Beach, Cal.

    Famous Golf course and beautiful shaped landscape. Oil on Canvas / 60.9 x 81.2 cm / 2000               

  • Yonge Street, 1771

    This painting was commissioned in 1970 by the German Historical Society, showing German farming Immigrants building for Governor Simcoe Toronto’s Yonge Street to commemorate the 200th anniversary. As a historical, representational theme, this work was like a visual essay, that required much research. In the execution, I had to rely on my formal (classic) training, which I did not practice […]

  • On the Moon

    Spaceship on the moon with the blue earth. From my “Moon” series. Not surprisingly a painting inspired by the Lunar Landings. Mod. Paste/ Acrylic / air brush on canvas / 76.2 x 91.4 cm / 1969

  • Journey’s End in Galaxy X

    The hypothetical assumption of someone visiting a planet where life evaporated.  Mod. Paste/ Acrylic/ air brush on canvas / 101.6 x 121.9 cm / 1969

  • Rising Earth over Moon

    From the Series THE ELEMENT: CREATION. Modeling Paste, Acrylic w. air brush over canvas / 1969

  • Communication Gap

    The bridge destroyed is to everything our life depends on the worst loss of man. Mod. Paste/ Acrylic/ Air brush on canvas / 104.1 x 83.8 cm / 1969

  • Male Figure

    Drawing, executed in my first year Master class. In a faintly related form of cubism, it attempts to emulate a two-dimensional view of the object, without considering light and shadow.   Pencil drawing on paper / 1950

  • Female Nude / Sitting

    Drawing, a Study was done in Masterclass, Graz, Aut. Trying to capture the essential of the subject. Pencil drawing in paper / 1951

  • Nude – Leaning / 52

    Well proportioned drawing of a graceful woman from my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts at Vienna. Pencil on paper / 1952 /

  • Reclining Female / 52

    The contour of this female drawing has added accents to emphasize its form. (Study at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna). Pencil on paper /1952

  • Linear Study / 52

    The emphasis in this study is more on the facial expression of the woman than body. (Vienna Academy) Pencil drawing on paper / 1952

  • Helmut / 1949

    Portrait, the profile of my nephew, Helmut. Pencil on paper / 1949

  • Sophie Hieger

    Portrait of a young friend of mine, Sophie Hieger / Jucker, interested in the arts. Brown pencil on paper / 1952

  • My Mother /1950

    A portrait of my mother on her sixtieth birthday. Some early drawings have occasionally heavy lines that separate forms instead using lighter and darker tones. Brown pencil on paper / 1950

  • Self Portrait / 51

    View is through the mirror reversed. Consequently it seems that I am drawing with my left hand while holding my Sketch block, which I am not. Pencil on paper / 1951  

  • Buttercup / 1948

    For a change, inspired by A. Dürer, here is my Version of natures’ delicate growth. This is a print from a “cold needle etching” / 1948

  • Female / watercolor / 51

    Study of  a female model with watercolor. Watercolour on paper / 1951

  • The Arrest

    Composition with figures showing the arrest of Christ as told in the New Testament. Pen ink drawing / 1950 /

  • Eisenerz / Oswaldi

    View of my hometown Eisenerz with Oswaldi church from the 12th Century. Pencil drawing on paper / 1950

  • St. Peter Chapel

    Town of Eisenerz below in the valley. Mount Seemauer in the distance. Pencil drawing on paper / 1950

  • Mephisto / Faust

    Dramatic scene when, according to the Fable, Mephisto appears in the Studio of Dr. Faust to make his proposition. He will fulfill all his earthly wishes if Dr. Faust agrees to sign a document with his own blood, stating to hand over his soul to Mephisto.  Pen sepia ink drawing on paper / 1950

  • Blacksmith Shop

    Blacksmith shop in the valley of  the iron mining town Eisenerz. The clock tower is seen in the distance to the left. It would as early as in the year 1590 be put to use for the community : when to rise, go to the mine, give townspeople the time and call for emergency.  Pencil on paper […]

  • Universe Closing In

    Figure composition of a natural disaster in a city with crowded streets. Black Ink pen drawing and wash / 1949

  • Departure # 2 / 53

    An old reoccurring theme. We depart daily from many things. This scene is set in a romantic pose, however as a painting in the middle of the 20th century it is rather modern. It was my Diploma work, done at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. The Board of Education, Vienna, purchased the painting in 1958 and I […]

  • Sculpture Relief by Donatello

    This is the study from a cast copy relief, sculptured by Donatello. Pencil on paper /1950  

  • Ancient Castle

    The subject of this residence, so remote as fairy tales, is in the twilight unrecognizable but filled with warm surrounding. Oil on Canvas / 76.2 x 101.6 cm / 1964 / sold

  • Departure #1 / 53

    My design proposal (draft) for my Diploma work at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, as outlined on the original painting, “Departure #2”. Note the composition of form and colours that suggest separation. Oil on Cardboard / 64.7 x 48.2 cm / 1953  

  • Geranium

     Blooming Geranium in summer. Watercolour study on paper / 1950

  • Blue Vase

    Flower Still-life with Blue Vase and one apple. Not significant but it is an airy painting. Watercolour on paper / 46 cm x 36 cm / 1951

  • Sudden Freedom

    The blinding light after being kept in darkness. Applies also to no physical rescue and change but here through images expressed metaphorically. Oil on Canvas / 55.8 x  40.6 cm / 1960 / Sold  

  • Quartet / 61

    The warm colours of this venue in a chamber music setting reflects the possible pleasant sound. Oil on Canvas / 81.2 x 66.0 cm / 1961  

  • Jeanine, my Wife

    When I drew this portrait of my wife, Jeanine between 1965 and 1970, I worked mainly on Semi- and Abstract images and several different techniques. However, my wife’s feature inspired me to draw a portrait in a conventional style. Brown pencil drawing on off-white paper / 27 cm x 17 cm / 1965 – 1970

  • Flower Still-life / Turquoise

    Among the many Semi-Abstract and Abstract painting surfaces a Representational joyful image in colour and form, balanced image. Oil on Canvas / 66.0 x 45.7 cm / 1961

  • North Ontario

    This landscape is in its character only a simulation of Northern Ontario, and entirely freely composed. Acrylic on canvas board / 30 cm x 40 cm / 1997 / France

  • Dan F. Roitner

    Dan, worked as a photographer, has brought also the second version of this website to light. Oil on canvas board / 30 cm x 40 cm / 2011  Gifted.

  • Zacharie & Evelyn Roitner

    Our grandchildren in 1996. Oil on canvas board / 40 cm x 30 cm / 1996 / Gifted

  • Winter in Britain

    Although a winter scene, this remote landscape gives a warm feeling, inviting one in the light of a sunset. Oil on canvas / 71.1 x 91,4 cm / 1992

  • Winding River

    This is an imaginary summer time landscape in the countryside with farming, no village, no town in sight. In the right cornfield there the once mysterious circles visible. Oil on canvas / 83.8 x 137.1 cm / 1995  

  • Watteau’s Autumn

    The treatment of tree and colours in this imaginary landscape reminded me of Watteau. Oil on canvas / 66.0 x 55.8 cm / 1989

  • Waterfall at Plitvice – Yugoslavia

    A postcard view of an isolated and pleasing landscape with rocky hills and water. Oil on canvas / 71.1 x 55.8 cm / 1986

  • Waterfall – Austria

    Water accumulating at the bottom of a mountain forcing a spectacular route and creating a sight that tourists enjoy. Oil on canvas / 60.9 x 45.7 cm / 1984 / Gifted

  • Venice / Copy

    The CBC produced a documentary in 1994 about the Canadian painter James W. Morrice who lived, travelled, and painted in Europe for thirty years until his death in 1924. As a scenic artist, the production management asked me to reproduce this painting for the shoot. Oil on wood panel / 40cm x 50 cm / […]

  • 3. TUNNEL / Gorge du Tarn #2 /

    A view from our travels in France, that leads through the central region with rivers, rocks and ice caves. Oil on canvas board / 55.8 x 45.7 cm / 1983 / Austria

  • Tsunami Waves

    One of the dozens of drawings I did, after having produced mostly abstract art for eight years. At this point, those drawings are a new beginning for the next twenty years of my visual art. Acrylic on Canvas / 76.2 x 101.6 cm / 2005

  • Trevor

    Our grandson is four years old when his world unfolds with colourful toys, trains and a teddy bear.  Portrait, Oil on wood panel / 40.4 x 30.4 cm / 2008 /Gifted

  • Trevor with Frog

    Trevor is befriending a frog in his first biology lesson. Portrait, Pencil on paper / 35.5 x 28 cm / 2010

  • The Sacrifice

    Although the conflicts in the world have tapered off, all threats at the end of the cold war are still hovering over the superpowers between USA and Russia. The soldier underwater and diseased who offered his life by symbolically keeping missiles and weapons intact. With the lighted fuse toward a burning bomb,  the consequence (already demonstrated in […]

  • Jeanine in Our Garden

    My wife posing amidst the rose garden she nurtured for many years. I could not resist immortalizing, so to speak, this memorable span of time. Oil on canvas / 66.0 x 81.2 cm / 1995  

  • TURRACH / 50TH Anniversary / 2006

    That year, my wife, Jeanine, and I commemorated 50 years since we met in the Austrian mountain village of Turrach. We celebrated with champagne and roses that I put to canvas. Oil on canvas / 60.9 x 91.4 cm / 2006

  • TUNNEL / Gorge du Tarn #2

    A view from our travels in France, that leads through the central region with rivers, rocks and ice caves. Oil on canvas board / 55.8 x 45.7 cm / 1983 / Austria  

  • Ttsunami Wave

    One of the dozens of drawings I did, after having produced mostly abstract art for eight years. At this point, those drawings are a new beginning for the next twenty years of my visual art. Pen drawing on grey paper with white wash/ 1979

  • TSUNAMI / 2005

    To commemorate the devastating tsunami at Thailand in 2004, with another wave approaching. Symbolically only one person between the rubble is visible in front. Acrylic on Canvas / 76.2 x 101.6 cm / 2005  


    Piano, Violin and Cello have a rest during the concert hall Intermission. They contemplate opinions of which the audience is not aware. Acrylic on Canvas / 76.2 x 101.6 cm / 2003  

  • Traunsee #1

    One of the many cozy lakes in summer time nestled between mountains in the province of Salzburg, Austria. From there, one can see at the horizon the mountain peak of Styrian’s Mountain, Dachstein, 3000 metres high with its glacier.  Oil on canvas / 53.3 x 66.0 cm / 1984 / at Graz  

  • Traunsee #2

    Lake in the province of Salzburg, Austria. In the far distance, we see the mountain peak of Dachstein, 3000 metres high with its glacier. Oil on canvas / 55.8 x 71.1 cm / 1985 / at Allan R.

  • Tidal Wave

    Study of a large wave in the sea. At a time when nature displays its might. Oil on canvas / 60.9 x 76.2cm / 1995 / Gifted

  • The Sea

    In this painting, the waves approaching the shore are mainly emphasized. Oil on canvas / 45.7 x 55.8 cm / 1986 / Gifted

  • The Elements

    My concept in showing Air, Water, Earth and Fire, making up the elements that helped shape us and surround us.  Oil on canvas / 91.4 x 121.9 cm / 2003

  • Symphonic Sound

    Aside from a suggestive presentation of the Orchestra with a variety of instruments, there is no recognizable image of the concert hall. I replaced the actuality of the hall by waves of sounds, envisioned with colours and patterns that fill the space with melodious music. Oil on canvas / 81.2 x 96.5 cm / 1997

  • Susan, Back in the Renaissance

    At the time I worked on this portrait, Susan cherished classic architecture and culture. Therefore, I thought it appropriate to place her as in a previous period, when one posed in a castle’s chamber, surrounded by books, and a mysterious, independent cat. Through the window is a formal garden that enriches a Chateau. Oil on […]

  • Susan / 1

    The last portrait I had painted was a full twenty years before. It was high time to paint our daughter, even if it is a bit by the way. The next one in the following year will make up for it. Oil on canvas board / 50.8 x 45.5 cm / 1990 / Gifted

  • Summer in the Garden

    Rows of flowers, bushes, trees to give shade in the heat. At the far end Jeanine watering, keeping order, while the painter tries to capture this timely moment. Oil on canvas / 81.2 x 96.5 cm / 1997  

  • Suburb of Saintes

    Visiting family in the city of Saintes, France – this was the view from a window, showing the outskirts of the city in May. Oil on canvas board / 40.6 x 55.8 cm / 1990    

  • Subsea

    For someone like myself, growing up in a valley between mountains, the Subsea in the Bahamas was a new experience that enriched my palette. Oil on wood panel / 40.6 x 50.8 cm / 1993

  • Study of Roses

    After being a few days in Hospital, those are the notes by which a painter remembers his stay. Drawing, pencil on paper / 1989

  • St. John’s, Nfld.

    A back lane in the city of St. John’s, Newfoundland showing the Atlantic Ocean and colourful houses. This route was familiar to our son Allan who finished his studies at the University. Oil on canvas / 60.9 x 76.2 cm / 1996 / sold

  • St. John’s Lighthouse

    A tower for sightseeing, but most of all an old relic that was essential for centuries to serve seafarers approaching Newfoundland. Oil on canvas board / 45.7 x 60.9 cm / 1987 / sold

  • Spirit in the Desert

    Since the first century before Christ and afterwards, the desert with its rock caves was a retreat for people who pondered over the mystery of life; who studied religious scriptures, recorded what was not in the interest to historians and came to rebellious conclusions. Overall, the void of the desert, without worldly distraction, stimulated by […]

  • St. Florent

    The sky makes this otherwise typical village in France so special. Oil on canvas board / 40.6 x 50.8 cm / 1985 /  at B.C.

  • W. A. Mozart / Copy

      Loving Mozart’s music, the unfinished portrait by the painter Lange appealed to me. There is in my mind a very natural, reflective moment in Mozart’s personality that I attempted to copy. One can assume, while posing, he was filling the time by composing. Oil on canvas board / 50.8 x 40.6 cm / 1988

  • Little Artist at Work

    Our granddaughter Evelyn, seven years old, is showing her early interest and dedication toward visual art. Acrylic on canvas board / 40.6 x 50.8 cm / 2001

  • Le Gorge du Tarn

    Travelling narrow roads between a river and rocky mountains in the central region of France. Oil on canvas board / 50.8 x 40.6 cm / 1983 / family Casse, Bordeaux

  • Laurac le Grande #1

    A very old historic town, northwest of Toulouse, not visible from the highway. It housed during the twelfth century knights on their way to the Holy Land. At present rather deserted, with some agriculture, and from the distance painterly but close up decaying and surreal art exhibits. Oil on canvas / 55.8 x 60.9 cm […]

  • Laurac le Grande #2

    The same remote French town, build on a slope as many Italian towns, painted three years ago is seen here from a different angle. Oil on canvas / 55.8 x 60.9 cm / 1990  

  • Last Event

    Earth, before the impact of an asteroid, and perhaps the end for most life. Oil on canvas / 76.2 x 96.5 cm / 1998

  • Lake Leopoldstein

    A famous view with the iron mine Erzberg and the red-brown iron ore in the distance. This work is my first painting again after a seven-year intermission, and gifted to my father at this location, the town of Eisenerz, Austria. Before his death, he gave the painting in 1989 to one of my friends in […]

  • Landscape / 2003

    A different take of an imaginary field with bushes and forest. Acrylic on canvas / 55.8 x 91.4 cm / 2003

  • Lake in Britain

    Another cultivated landscape that came to my attention, so pastoral and different from Canadian or American lake views. Oil on canvas / 60.9 x 80. 2 cm / 1993

  • La Quinta, California

    Following golf on television, this view came to my attention. I never envisioned painting a golf course, but this layout with the mountains as a contrast in the background changed my mind. Acrylic on canvas / 71.1 x 81.2 cm / 2000

  • Jeanine Remembered

    My wife gave me most of my life the means and opportunity to follow my artistic path and inspired my creative side until 2007. This portrait, although painted two years later, done to console myself but more so out of gratitude. Oil on canvas / 45.5 x 35.5 cm / 2009

  • Jeanine and Joseph

    To some extent an old style Self-portrait with pallet + brush, yet with a living room setting and a window facing the garden. A strange choice was to have my wife behind me in a picture on the wall, as if it was someone not anymore around. Indeed, like a premonition, a year later she […]

  • Indian Summer

    Natives spoke of a late, warm fall we call now Indian summer. Otherwise, just an imaginary landscape in Autumn. Oil on canvas / 66.0 x 55.8 cm / 1989

  • Iceberg #3

    Another version of imaginary ice mountains that glimmer from sunshine in the blue sky. Oil on canvas / 55.8 x 76.2 cm / 1983 / Gifted

  • Iceberg #2

    My fascination about Icebergs with their peculiar changing shapes in the North Sea inspired me to paint my own. Oil on canvas board / 40.6 x 50.8 cm / 1983 / Gifted

  • Harmless Asteroid

    It will burst into pieces before hitting the earth, and give us a spectacular firework. Oil on canvas / 81.2 x 91.4 cm / 1998

  • Group of Trees

    Study. Even in nature, a gathering seems comforting to us. Ink drawing on Paper / 1979

  • Group of Pines

    Somewhere in a remote northern forest on a misty day. Oil on canvas / 60.9 x 76.2 cm / 2007

  • Le Gorge du Tarn #2

    Remembering in France the little town after the river, over a bridge in darkness but artificial light in a romantic Setting. Oil on Masonite / 59.6 x 90.1 cm / 1983

  • Gesäuse, Aut.

    After laying off painting for ten years and producing over that time rather abstract work, this is my second painting in which I begin a representational phase. With no intention ever to exhibit (because in the avant-garde world it would be retro), I was free to paint as I liked. For that, I chose the valley near […]

  • Galaxy of Antares

    A recreation of one of the many Galaxies that over a telescope have come to us. And what a firework with an amazing blue-sky ions of light-years away! Acrylic on canvas / 76.2 x 60.9 cm / 2004 .

  • Galaxy Formation

    A huge, ghostly and snakelike towering formation of stars and nebulae in our Universe. Acrylic on canvas / 101.6 x 76.2 cm / 2002

  • Glacier Island

    Seeing video of large ice masses break off from the Antarctic inspired me to paint this scene. Acrylic on canvas / 76.2 x 96.5 cm / 1999

  • November North of Sixty

    Here is my impression of snow and ice that has not changed until recently since millenniums north of sixty along the meridian arc. Oil on canvas / 60.9 x 76.2cm / 1995

  • North of Sixty / 91

    First version of the merciless, secluded landscape along the sixty meridian arc. Oil on canvas / 40.6 x 55.8 cm / 1991

  • Villeneuve / France

    The old bridge with the town of  Villeneuve in the background. Oil on canvas / 60.0 x 83.3 cm / 1959

  • Erzberg #2

    Iron Ore Mountain, 1465 metres, at Eisenerz, Austria, my hometown where I was born. The red-brown shades of colours against the blue sky have attracted many painters to capture that contrast. Oil on Masonite / 76.2 x83.8 cm / 1965

  • Rocket Launch Pad

    A special time in the 1960’s of space exploration, observing those rockets blast off; suspenseful if the intended hardware or human, his mission, will succeed. It lead to fierce competition between the USA and Russia to conquer this new frontier. They created mistrust that escalated the Cold War. At the same time, because of enormous […]

  • Leo’s Airplane

    This is my late brother Leo Roitner’s third airplane that he built from a kit in 2000 in Surrey, BC. He flew it with his friend Jerry, over Canada to Toronto in 2005. For a small craft it was a big undertaking. On their return they paid first a visit to an airshow in the US. Through early interest in […]

  • Vickie Roitner

    Portrait of my son’s wife Vickie Roitner (Walsh)  1990 oil on canvas – gifted

  • Mountaineer

    no comment – oil on canvas

  • Waterfall Autum

    no comment oil on canvas – 1984

paintbrush 46

Painting Medium – Representational: Use of traditional turpentine, nontoxic paint thinner, linseed oil, varnishes and oil paint, applied with a variety of paint brushes on canvas, mounted on wooden stretchers, sized with Gesso primer. Other surfaces were canvas board, heavy cardboard, Masonite and wood panels, placed on an easel. Acrylic paint also used for airbrush technique colour blending.

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