Sing to the Wall a Requiem
Poem – Sing to the Wall a Requiem

a wall, dividing you and me –
dividing us since I remember.
Once I assumed that you were I,
until it proved suspicion looked
through mirrors loopholes, secretly
striking me as a game of which
one grows tired.
Sing to the walls, unseen,
raised between mankind –
dividing him since ancient time;
sing to hoisted flags, hidden arms,
readymade — waiting for hours
born out of darkness.
Waylaid by terror, eradicating
last hope for communiqué,
suspicious loopholes with
one-eyed ghosts
engage deceivingly.
Red sky and six feet of earth
surround the buried – while
survivors urgently try
to carve symbols and names
into walls to immortalise
the fate of fatal mistakes
that no one ever will
Sing to the wall a Requiem.