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Surreal paintings emphasize validity and fascination with images and visions from dreams and fantasies,

as well as an intuitive, spontaneous method of recording such imagery, often combining unrelated or unexpected objects in compositions.

  • Symbol of Life

    This early produced painting is in its concept classified under Surreal, however, the combination of objects as woman (life giver), nature, as sun, earth, blooming tree and stork pointing to the title equally as Symbolism.  Oil on wood panel / 50 cm x 40 cm / 1953

  • Degenerate

    This drawing is the result from a social observation. Ink pen drawing on paper / 1954

  • Fairy Castle

    Our dreams like seen in a looking-glass that emerge every so often from dark, uncertain places.  Oil on Canvas board / 76 cm x 63 cm / 1959

  • Park in Spring

    The Style-category of this painting is called Semi-abstract but being void of a human being it has a touch of Surrealism. Oil on Cardboard / 49 cm x 69 cm / 1957

  • Transition / Sketch

    A sketch to a later painting with the same title. Showing a figure entering a different sphere. Pen drawing on paper / 21 cm x 28 cm / 1979

  • Flight of the Monarch

    The monarch butterfly’s incredible long flight across many miles, with their own inborn compass. Oil on Canvas / 66 cm x 81 cm / 1996 / Sold

  • Energy in Space

    In space and time – on earth the Egyptian’s worship. Oil on Canvas / 96 cm x 76 cm / 1999

  • Cosmos X

    My imaginary Cosmos farther away than the real one, and not anymore in existence as we see it. Oil on Canvas / 91 cm x 91 cm / 2004  

  • Clouds into Space #1

    First version of this subject: connection with the Universe. Oil on Canvas / 56 cm x 71 cm / 1987 / painting is in France

  • Clouds into Space #2

    Earth, clouds, sky, space, orbits to the source of energy at centre. Oil on Canvas / 76 cm x 101 cm / 1993

  • Caribbean Change

    Showing past and present, the commercial influence of our time.  Oil on Wood Panel / 40.6 x 55.8 cm / 1992

  • Landscape / air brush /88

    Road going to a bright sky on the horizon. Air brush on paper / 30 cm x 40 cm / 1988

  • See-Hear-Speak Evil

    Contrary to the saying those images emphasize the contrary in an ugly way. Oil on canvas / 76 cm x 87 cm / 2004

  • Sea Vortex

    Undersea activity, noticed from my own dimension. Oil on canvas / 81 cm x 71 cm / 1998

  • Festival Salzburg / Jedermann

    The other title of this work could be called “Jedermann #2”. His demise when death is at his side, while all his deceptive friends  have left him. However, the expansion in this view incorporates, imaginary, Mozart who is observing all the attention of this Salzburg Festival  that he never had in his hometown.  Oil on Canvas / 81.2 x […]

  • Robot, 1980

    Imaginary construct of threatening automation. Air brush on paper / 1980  

  • Remnant Unidentified #2

    This painting is a copy of the original Remnant Unidentified # 1. My science fiction interpretation. What, if we ever could visit a planet whose population has died out… Or vice versa, after mankind on earth has long disappeared, if a space traveller would land? Oil on Canvas / 81.2 x 106.6 cm / 1995

  • Remnant Unidentified #1

    Meaning of this image is explained in “Remnant Unidentified #2, 1995”. Oil on Canvas board / 40.6 x 50.8 cm / 1985

  • Deserted Postcard Resort

    Beautiful scenery seen on my travel in Spain. However, in this painting of Collioure, St. Vincent Beach,  the town is void of any human population. Notice in front of the boats two giant figure imprints in the sand and a large beach ball beside. Oil on Canvas / 60.9 x 81.2 cm / 1986

  • Penetrating Light

    The spiritual presence in space and time. Oil on Canvas / 81.2 x 101.6 cm / 1996

  • Journey’s End in Galaxy X

    The hypothetical assumption of someone visiting a planet where life evaporated.  Mod. Paste/ Acrylic/ air brush on canvas / 101.6 x 121.9 cm / 1969

  • Dividing Wall

    SING TO THE WALL A REQUIEM, a wall, dividing you and me – dividing us since I remember. Once I assumed that you were I, until it proved that suspicion looked secretly through mirrors loopholes, striking me as a game one grows tired of. / Sing to the walls, invisible, raised between mankind, dividing him since […]

  • Creation

    This painting is the introduction to the Series “The element: CREATION”. It simulates the Big Bang theory. Mod. Paste/ Acrylic/ Air brush on canvas / 96.5 x 76.2 cm / 1969 / Gifted to Grandson

  • Condition Unchanged

    From the Series “The Element: Creation”. Within its body the Moonscape remains strangely unchanged. Mod. Paste / Acrylic / Air brush on canvas / 78.7 x 83.9 cm / 1969

  • Communication Gap

    The bridge destroyed is to everything our life depends on the worst loss of man. Mod. Paste/ Acrylic/ Air brush on canvas / 104.1 x 83.8 cm / 1969

  • And Time Began

    From the Series “CREATION” a Spaceman at the rim of a crater. Only with his appearance time on the moon begins ticking. Mixed media, Acrylic w. Air brush on canvas / 81.2 x 91.4 cm /

  • Moon with Planets

    An arrangement of heavenly bodies as we never see. Mixed media / Oil on Masonite / 76.2 x 49.5 cm / 1969

  • Cataclysm

    This composition depicting a natural disaster exposes the fear and angst of the living on our planet. Black and white heightens the drama.  Black ink wash over pen drawing / 1953

  • Universe Closing In

    Figure composition of a natural disaster in a city with crowded streets. Black Ink pen drawing and wash / 1949

  • Neurosis

    Attempt to make a dysfunctional psychological behavior in a drawing visible.  Brain and heart are in a spider web entangled. Ink pen drawing and wash /1952  

  • The Sacrifice

    Although the conflicts in the world have tapered off, all threats at the end of the cold war are still hovering over the superpowers between USA and Russia. The soldier underwater and diseased who offered his life by symbolically keeping missiles and weapons intact. With the lighted fuse toward a burning bomb,  the consequence (already demonstrated in […]

  • Transition

    In the past, the image of a sower in the fields expressed the change (transition) from a seed to a fruit in one way or another. This painting shows a sower in his movement, spreading the seed, in the present, moving towards the timeless future, in which we don’t know what he will reap. Oil […]

  • The Ancient Cycle

    Human existence varies constantly between war and peace. This painting shows peace between wars that seems more optimistic. In the end, it may even out but it is by no means a consolation. Acrylic on canvas / 55.8 x 91.4 cm / 2002

  • Spirit in the Desert

    Since the first century before Christ and afterwards, the desert with its rock caves was a retreat for people who pondered over the mystery of life; who studied religious scriptures, recorded what was not in the interest to historians and came to rebellious conclusions. Overall, the void of the desert, without worldly distraction, stimulated by […]

  • Middle east Metamorphosis

    In my painting, the middle part is showing an Egyptian Pyramid, intact millennia ago, under blue sky. To either side we see the presence, and over time the decay, of Greek and Roman structures. The dark, smoky clouded sky conveys the ongoing conflicts to this day in the Middle East. Oil on canvas / 55.8 […]

  • Inside Out

      A personal statement about my twenty-five years of studying and painting with limited acknowledgement from the art world. Popularity of artists was also seasonal and short-lived. My dream of contributing to the creative side of painting came to an end. It seemed pointless. Inside Out was my last painting before I refrained from Visual Art for […]

  • Era of Time and Knowledge

    Humankind is on this earth sheltered, protected from the hostile, freezing space throughout his relative short span of existence on this planet where the endless universe reached through us mysteriously its consciousness. Acrylic, mixed media and airbrushed on canvas / 81.2 x 66.0cm / 1969

paintbrush 43

Painting Medium – Surrealism: The surreal image is in most instances based on representational execution on canvas and meticulously similar produced with oil paint and brushes.  Its descriptions are beyond reality, they are metaphors and their source is the unconscious one must liberate, seen as the true inspiration.

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