Gallery – Drawings

These are a few drawings and sketches I have done over the years in numerous styles.
  • Degenerate

    This drawing is the result from a social observation. Ink pen drawing on paper / 1954

  • Gusti, 1956

    A friend of mine who agreed to sit for me so I could draw her. Pencil on Paper / approx. 32 cm x 26 cm / 1956 / work remained with the family

  • Evolving

    Ink-drawing. A treelike object sprouts from an artificial source. Black Ink-drawing on paper / 1979

  • Imaginary Mountains

    Landscape of rough mountains, only in my mind. Pencil drawing / 20 cm x 25 cm / 1989

  • Transition / Sketch

    A sketch to a later painting with the same title. Showing a figure entering a different sphere. Pen drawing on paper / 21 cm x 28 cm / 1979

  • Sea Lions

    The animal family. Pen drawing on light blue paper / approx. 24 cm x 30 cm / 1979

  • Road – Upward

    The journey upward to commemorate something in particular. Drawing, black ink on paper / 1979

  • Orpheus and Eurydice

    Orpheus playing the lyre, reciting poetry. Ink pen on paper / 30 cm x 20 cm / 1979

  • Male Figure

    Drawing, executed in my first year Master class. In a faintly related form of cubism, it attempts to emulate a two-dimensional view of the object, without considering light and shadow.   Pencil drawing on paper / 1950

  • Female Nude / Sitting

    Drawing, a Study was done in Masterclass, Graz, Aut. Trying to capture the essential of the subject. Pencil drawing in paper / 1951

  • Nude – Leaning / 52

    Well proportioned drawing of a graceful woman from my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts at Vienna. Pencil on paper / 1952 /

  • Reclining Female / 52

    The contour of this female drawing has added accents to emphasize its form. (Study at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna). Pencil on paper /1952

  • Linear Study / 52

    The emphasis in this study is more on the facial expression of the woman than body. (Vienna Academy) Pencil drawing on paper / 1952

  • Study – Vienna / 52

    The contour in this woman’s figure is almost removed to employ shapes that serve the form and at the same time create interesting patterns. (Vienna Academy) Pencil drawing on paper / 1952  

  • Nude -Sitting – Vienna / 53

    In this study the lines and tonal accents become minimal as poems are not descriptive. (Vienna Academy) Pencil drawing on paper / 1953

  • Study – Vienna / 52

    Lines and tonal accents in this model’s appearance are brought to the essential. (Vienna Academy) Pencil on paper / 1952

  • Study – Vienna / 53

    After eight years of drawing figures (or anything for that matter) my interest lay in eliminating the obvious reality. First to concentrate on the essential of the object and second adopt my own reality. In all those studies over the years, I have never had in classes the urge to adapt any of the forms my classmate exercised. (Vienna […]

  • Helmut / 1949

    Portrait, the profile of my nephew, Helmut. Pencil on paper / 1949

  • Sophie Hieger

    Portrait of a young friend of mine, Sophie Hieger / Jucker, interested in the arts. Brown pencil on paper / 1952

  • My Mother /1950

    A portrait of my mother on her sixtieth birthday. Some early drawings have occasionally heavy lines that separate forms instead using lighter and darker tones. Brown pencil on paper / 1950

  • Self Portrait / 51

    View is through the mirror reversed. Consequently it seems that I am drawing with my left hand while holding my Sketch block, which I am not. Pencil on paper / 1951  

  • Buttercup / 1948

    For a change, inspired by A. Dürer, here is my Version of natures’ delicate growth. This is a print from a “cold needle etching” / 1948

  • Cataclysm

    This composition depicting a natural disaster exposes the fear and angst of the living on our planet. Black and white heightens the drama.  Black ink wash over pen drawing / 1953

  • The Arrest

    Composition with figures showing the arrest of Christ as told in the New Testament. Pen ink drawing / 1950 /

  • Eisenerz / Oswaldi

    View of my hometown Eisenerz with Oswaldi church from the 12th Century. Pencil drawing on paper / 1950

  • St. Peter Chapel

    Town of Eisenerz below in the valley. Mount Seemauer in the distance. Pencil drawing on paper / 1950

  • Mephisto / Faust

    Dramatic scene when, according to the Fable, Mephisto appears in the Studio of Dr. Faust to make his proposition. He will fulfill all his earthly wishes if Dr. Faust agrees to sign a document with his own blood, stating to hand over his soul to Mephisto.  Pen sepia ink drawing on paper / 1950

  • Blacksmith Shop

    Blacksmith shop in the valley of  the iron mining town Eisenerz. The clock tower is seen in the distance to the left. It would as early as in the year 1590 be put to use for the community : when to rise, go to the mine, give townspeople the time and call for emergency.  Pencil on paper […]

  • Universe Closing In

    Figure composition of a natural disaster in a city with crowded streets. Black Ink pen drawing and wash / 1949

  • Sculpture Relief by Donatello

    This is the study from a cast copy relief, sculptured by Donatello. Pencil on paper /1950  

  • Neurosis

    Attempt to make a dysfunctional psychological behavior in a drawing visible.  Brain and heart are in a spider web entangled. Ink pen drawing and wash /1952  

  • Jeanine, my Wife

    When I drew this portrait of my wife, Jeanine between 1965 and 1970, I worked mainly on Semi- and Abstract images and several different techniques. However, my wife’s feature inspired me to draw a portrait in a conventional style. Brown pencil drawing on off-white paper / 27 cm x 17 cm / 1965 – 1970

  • Ttsunami Wave

    One of the dozens of drawings I did, after having produced mostly abstract art for eight years. At this point, those drawings are a new beginning for the next twenty years of my visual art. Pen drawing on grey paper with white wash/ 1979

  • Trevor / 2010

    Dressed for the winter, visiting the countryside with his dad, going for a sleigh ride. Portrait, Pencil on paper / 35.5 x 28 cm / 2010

  • Study of Roses

    After being a few days in Hospital, those are the notes by which a painter remembers his stay. Drawing, pencil on paper / 1989

  • Mother and Child

    The title does not characterize the drawing. It has only a vague relation to that lable. Ink drawing on cardboard, 1978

  • Group of Trees

    Study. Even in nature, a gathering seems comforting to us. Ink drawing on Paper / 1979

  • Forms Contrasted

    Aside from the diversity of all the patterns displayed, note that a line begins at the upper left that has no dead-end but coincides to create fields with many different shapes and sizes. Those patterns have again various shades and graphic designs, in contrast to its surrounding. This type of spontaneous creativity and method I […]