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Symbolic is an image or sign that represents something else, because of convention,

association, or resemblance and is not, in this context, something of the real world.

  • Symbol of Life

    This early produced painting is in its concept classified under Surreal, however, the combination of objects as woman (life giver), nature, as sun, earth, blooming tree and stork pointing to the title equally as Symbolism.  Oil on wood panel / 50 cm x 40 cm / 1953

  • Laundry in Spring

    In the series of “Laundry” paintings, this image shows the newness of Cloth, as well as a new season of the year. Oil on Masonite / 53 cm x 56 cm / 1966

  • Angel with Trumpet

    A page from Revelations in the New Testament. A Critic in an Ontario exhibition connected this painting to the poet William Blake. Oil on Canvas board / 51 cm  x 40.6 cm / 1954

  • King David

    In this figurative painting I attempted to honour the arts, as music and poetry that has come from the past down to us. Oil on Masonite / 65 cm x 48 cm / 1957

  • Energy in Space

    In space and time – on earth the Egyptian’s worship. Oil on Canvas / 96 cm x 76 cm / 1999

  • The Divide

    Blaze / chill – light / darkness – warm colors / cold colors – love / hate – near / far – here / beyond – earth / universe. Texture, Acrylic on Canvas / 81. cm x 71 cm / 1998

  • Shrinking Reservoir

    Shortage of element H2O. Mod. Paste & Acrylic, Air brush on canvas / 60.9 x 66.0 cm / 1969

  • Dividing Wall

    SING TO THE WALL A REQUIEM, a wall, dividing you and me – dividing us since I remember. Once I assumed that you were I, until it proved that suspicion looked secretly through mirrors loopholes, striking me as a game one grows tired of. / Sing to the walls, invisible, raised between mankind, dividing him since […]

  • Communication Gap

    The bridge destroyed is to everything our life depends on the worst loss of man. Mod. Paste/ Acrylic/ Air brush on canvas / 104.1 x 83.8 cm / 1969

  • Star of Solitude

    Something that in the Universe barely exists but from the human experience, relating to our surrounding, one may sometimes feel that way. Acrylic and air brush on canvas / 76.2 x 81.2 cm / 1969

  • Departure # 2 / 53

    An old reoccurring theme. We depart daily from many things. This scene is set in a romantic pose, however as a painting in the middle of the 20th century it is rather modern. It was my Diploma work, done at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. The Board of Education, Vienna, purchased the painting in 1958 and I […]

  • Departure #1 / 53

    My design proposal (draft) for my Diploma work at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, as outlined on the original painting, “Departure #2”. Note the composition of form and colours that suggest separation. Oil on Cardboard / 64.7 x 48.2 cm / 1953  

  • The Egyptians

    Fascinated by the culture, workmanship, artistic concept and beliefs of the Egyptians, I was inspired to portray pyramids, sculptured sphinx and colours what characterises their grand scale thinking. Oil on canvas, 71.1 x 91.4 cm / 1960

  • The Ancient Cycle

    Human existence varies constantly between war and peace. This painting shows peace between wars that seems more optimistic. In the end, it may even out but it is by no means a consolation. Acrylic on canvas / 55.8 x 91.4 cm / 2002

  • Hieroglyphic

    Trying to paint images, symbols, which relate to humanity as it were in shorthand: blood flow, bird, figures, heart, emerging in daylight.  Oil on canvas / 60.9 x 45.7 cm / 1998

  • Order & Calculation Intruding

    In my last three Hard Edge paintings before the decade of the sixties ended, I refrained from geometrical straight lines and employed open, loose forms. In this painting a small square that appears constructive and organized enters from the left like an intrusion. As to the method of Hard Edge paintings, refer to image Cliff […]

paintbrush 43

Painting Medium – Symbolic: Made use of mediums, oil, acrylic, watercolour, ink drawings. The implementation done often through area painting that is colourful and conveys depth. 

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