1970’s Paintings and Drawings

  • Blue Mountains

    Not in Ontario. In either my representational or semi-abstract Landscape paintings is the reoccurring rendering of mountains. It is something that I keep remembering from my upbringing in Austria. The shapes have always fascinated and inspired me. Oil on Canvas board / 76. cm  x  63 cm / 1959

  • Cycle of Time

    In human terms, movement as planets circle stars will give the notion of time.     Acrylic on Canvas  / 101 cm x 101 cm / 1968

  • Transition / Sketch

    A sketch to a later painting with the same title. Showing a figure entering a different sphere. Pen drawing on paper / 21 cm x 28 cm / 1979

  • Bouquet of Roses

    After not painting for seven years I took up again a representational style. Oil on Cardboard / 60.9 x 40.6 cm / 1978 / this work went to Sophie Jucker / Swiss

  • Road – Upward

    The journey upward to commemorate something in particular. Drawing, black ink on paper / 1979

  • Orpheus and Eurydice

    Orpheus playing the lyre, reciting poetry. Ink pen on paper / 30 cm x 20 cm / 1979

  • Yonge Street, 1771

    This painting was commissioned in 1970 by the German Historical Society, showing German farming Immigrants building for Governor Simcoe Toronto’s Yonge Street to commemorate the 200th anniversary. As a historical, representational theme, this work was like a visual essay, that required much research. In the execution, I had to rely on my formal (classic) training, which I did not practice […]

  • Riches of the Earth # 3

    The layers of rocks and minerals, down to the earth’s core. Mixed media, Acrylic on canvas / 91.4 x 101.6 cm / 1970

  • Ttsunami Wave

    One of the dozens of drawings I did, after having produced mostly abstract art for eight years. At this point, those drawings are a new beginning for the next twenty years of my visual art. Pen drawing on grey paper with white wash/ 1979

  • Mother and Child

    The title does not characterize the drawing. It has only a vague relation to that lable. Ink drawing on cardboard, 1978

  • Lake Leopoldstein

    A famous view with the iron mine Erzberg and the red-brown iron ore in the distance. This work is my first painting again after a seven-year intermission, and gifted to my father at this location, the town of Eisenerz, Austria. Before his death, he gave the painting in 1989 to one of my friends in […]

  • Group of Trees

    Study. Even in nature, a gathering seems comforting to us. Ink drawing on Paper / 1979

  • Group of Pines

    Somewhere in a remote northern forest on a misty day. Oil on canvas / 60.9 x 76.2 cm / 2007

  • Erzberg #2

    Iron Ore Mountain, 1465 metres, at Eisenerz, Austria, my hometown where I was born. The red-brown shades of colours against the blue sky have attracted many painters to capture that contrast. Oil on Masonite / 76.2 x83.8 cm / 1965

  • Inside Out

      A personal statement about my twenty-five years of studying and painting with limited acknowledgement from the art world. Popularity of artists was also seasonal and short-lived. My dream of contributing to the creative side of painting came to an end. It seemed pointless. Inside Out was my last painting before I refrained from Visual Art for […]

  • Composition / Hard Edge

    This Hard Edge painting consists of various shapes and colours that are in contrast to each other, as I hope in a creative manner. Acrylic on canvas / 121.9 x 60.9 cm / 1968  

  • Forest Impressions

    If it were not for the darkness, the shapes and filtered colours of a forest and its lucidity can remind one of a stained glass window. It is suggested that the tall trees of a forest grove can feel like a natural cathedral. Acrylic on canvas / 91.4 x 76.2 cm / 1968

  • Archeological Findings

    A layout of ancient objects with a minimum of light as if they were still below ground. As to the method of Hard Edge paintings, refer to image Cliff Structure. Oil glazing on canvas / 96.5 x 83.8 cm / 1965

  • Era of Time and Knowledge

    Humankind is on this earth sheltered, protected from the hostile, freezing space throughout his relative short span of existence on this planet where the endless universe reached through us mysteriously its consciousness. Acrylic, mixed media and airbrushed on canvas / 81.2 x 66.0cm / 1969

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