1960’s Paintings and Drawings

  • Town on a Slope

    From imagination this suburb town, seen from above has a tendency toward a semi-abstract look but form and colour rather representational. Oil on canvas , 66 cm x 78 cm / 1964

  • Stormy Forest

    Spelling it out – the title made it less suspenseful.

  • Still Life – Blue Vase and Flowers

    Flower arrangement, composed of 4, each of primary colours.  Oil on Canvas / 81 cm x 61 cm / 1964

  • St. Andre de Cubzac

    Town of St. Andre de Cubzac, France, seen as it was in the 19th Century. Hometown of my late wife, Jeanine. The background with its vineyards and water tower is still the same. Modeling past and oil on Masonite / 60 cm x 90 cm / 1964

  • Sleeping Land

    Winter is another word for this image. Oil on canvas / 76 cm x 101 cm / 1962 Sold  

  • Anne Neely

    At a Northern Ontario Exhibition in Timmins, they awarded me with three first prizes and sent the portrait of Ms. Anne Neely to Toronto’s National Exhibition. The Portrait remained with the family at Kirkland Lake, Ontario. Oil on canvas board / 50 cm x 40 cm / 1954

  • Canadian Still-life

    The painting although called representational, the arrangement of this Still-life is symbolic if not surreal. Oil on canvas board / 30 cm x 35 cm / 1954

  • Jeanine / Inward

    Spatial painting, expressed  with effective colours and depth, still representational in my development. Jeanine  is reflecting on something while sitting. Oil on canvas board / 40 cm x 30 cm / 1959

  • Niagara Falls Frozen

    Niagara Falls in Winter appears frozen and without thunder; still showing its impressive size. One of many interpretations a painter can have. Modeling Paste / Oil on Masonite / 61 cm x 91 cm / 1964

  • Theme & Multiplication

    The theme, only a part of this composition, could be theoretically multiplied infinitely smaller or larger. Acrylic on Canvas 84 cm  x   91 cm / 1967

  • Kaleidoscopic Space

    Suggesting on the horizon, a window to Infinity. Acrylic on canvas / 96 cm x 81 cm / 1967  

  • Unite Divisions

    Is there nothing anymore to unite us? A glitter in the eye, a gesture of a hand, a touch, a sound ‑Are we bound To the end? Many steps have Divided us, Bridges broken down to raving depth from heights but silence, above all, has created a storm and blown out love and lights. Acrylic on […]

  • Orpheus & Eurydice, #1

    Orpheus looking back at Eurydice who is about to disappear to the underworld.  Oil on Masonite / 94 cm x 71 cm / 1965

  • Town-Planning

    What do we do with all the space left but dwindling resources?  Acrylic on Canvas  / 96 cm x 81 cm / 1967

  • Split Level

    Hard Edge inspired me to formulate exterior and interior architectural zones, composing my forms and colours aesthetically. Acrylic on Canvas  / 81 cm x 96 cm / 1967

  • Society and the Unexplored

    Has perhaps a twofold meaning: One, the virtual expansion of land. Two, the other expansion of the mind.  Acrylic on Canvas / 46 cm x 66 cm / 1967   / Sold        

  • Exit

    Sometimes much of darkness around us, however, it is invigorating to see at the end of the tunnel a way out. Acrylic on Masonite / 124 cm x 101 cm / 1966  

  • Vision Concentrated

    Technology is transmitting everything to us in a small, concentrated space. Acrylic and tape on canvas / 81 cm x 96 cm,  / 1967  

  • On Rainy Days

    Comical, like in comic strips, carpet-bombing with no damage. Acrylic on Canvas /   83.8 cm x 101.6 cm / 1967

  • Boat with Moon

    A slightly romantic setting of distant past. Mod. Paste & Oil on Masonite / 69.8 cm x 49.5 cm / Sold

  • Evil Exposed

    Little devils, mischievous, light fires at all corners of the earth. Images that amuse when seen from the outside, appearing as comic strips, but felt within, the blazes burn like senseless hell. Eyes go astray and what we call soul becomes tormented by evaporating brains from glows of torturous tools while charity plunges into the […]

  • Foundry

    Tribute to my hometown Eisenerz, Austria, where the Romans mined for iron, then the locals since the 8th century. I was also thinking of Hamilton, Ontario iron works.  Oil on Canvas / 86 cm x 91 cm / 1966 / Sold

  • Laundry in Spring

    In the series of “Laundry” paintings, this image shows the newness of Cloth, as well as a new season of the year. Oil on Masonite / 53 cm x 56 cm / 1966

  • Laundry in Landscape

    From the series “Laundry”, the drying of clothes on a line as it used to be. Oil on Canvas / 96 cm  x 89 cm / 1966    

  • Laundry Above

    From the series “Laundry”. Various sheets of cloth seen from below. Acrylic on Masonite / 80 cm x 90 cm / 1966

  • Flashlight on Laundry

    From the series “Laundry”. A view of a large attic, checking in the evening if the laundry was dry. Oil on Canvas / 78 cm  x 94 cm / 1966

  • City Laundry #1

    From the Series “Laundry”. In narrow European streets the laundry would hang outdoors to dry. Oil on Canvas / 96 cm x 81 cm / 1966

  • City Laundry #2

    From the series “Laundry”. Somewhere in the past in a neglected city, a refreshing sign of cleanliness. Oil on Canvas / 101 cm x 76 cm / 1966 / Sold

  • Three Kings

    The three Kings in their magical appearance at Bethlehem, according to the Gospels of the New Testament. Oil on Canvas / 121 cm x 101 cm / 1966-67 /

  • Hanging Laundry

    Figurative: From the series  “Laundry” , hanging clothes in the city on top of an apartment building.  Oil on Canvas / 96 cm x 81 cm / 1966

  • Overgrown Flowers

    Semi-abstract. Painterly with spatial areas of magnified object. Acrylic on Canvas / 76 cm x 83 cm / 1967 / Gifted  

  • Between Worlds

    We are between worlds in the spectrum of all elements the Universe has to offer. Acrylic on Canvas  / 81 cm x 81 cm / 1967

  • Composition with Black Circle

    Square shapes and primary colours float over white space with contrasted black sphere. Oil on Masonite / 61 cm x 91 cm / 1966

  • Nude Sitting

    Composition of a reclining woman. Oil on Canvas / 91 cm x 71 cm / 1966

  • And Space Above

    Town scape with far-reaching space above. Acrylic on Canvas  / 142 cm x 81 cm / 1967

  • Icarus of the 20th Century

    The earth evolved, ended up with humans that acknowledge the Universe, engage eternally, as last century in spaceflight, to conquer the impossible, as Icarus on his flight to the sun. Acrylic on Canvas / 152 cm x 101 cm / 1967

  • Mild Evening

    A nocturne, meditative and serene. Oil on Wood Panel / 53 cm x 56 cm / 1964

  • Night Life

    Vibrant colours and energy of night. Oil on Cardboard / 35 cm x 46 cm / 1964

  • Message (Vision)

    In the Vision is the Message, without words. Oil on Canvas / 112 cm x 81 cm / 1962

  • Landscape in Autumn

    Form and colour inspired by autumn in Canada.

  • Light Reveals Darkness

    Conceptual rendering. Oil on Canvas / 48 cm x 35 cm / 1963  / at Vienna

  • Homecoming

    Coming home from work, a welcome reception from my family. The warm glow of domestic peace. Oil on Canvas / 71 cm x 81 cm / 1964 / Sold.

  • Golden Era’s Remnant

    The ambiguous leftover of treasures. Oil on Canvas / 81 cm x 101 cm / 1963

  • Decision at Dawn

    Partially inspired by the Novel, “All Quiet on the Western Front”.  A moment of tense, important discussion between two characters. Technically, areas are treated with interwoven brush strokes that create a dimension and the chilly colours tell the mood of the situation. Oil on Canvas / 127 cm x 81 cm / 1962

  • Beyond my Recollection

    A series of paintings in a similar manner of brush strokes, that give the areas an almost poetic life. The subject is a psychological dilemma in which I am trying to solve what I vaguely remember only in a visual presentation. Oil on Canvas / 116cm x 86 cm / 1962

  • Fragmentary Figure

    Study in copper tones. Oil on Canvas / 81 cm x 51 cm / 1963

  • Day of Wonder

    Perhaps one could assert that abstract art is the biggest victory over the indescribable. To create from the unconscious is more to the point, original as conscious work, providing the artist has made the transition from an apparent reality to a reality within his mind. Much is happening and one wonders how to interpret what one […]

  • Countryside

    I believe Paul Cézanne is looking over my shoulder, and what an honour!  Oil on Canvas / 81 cm x 91 cm / 1964 / Sold

  • Conclusion in Sadness

    Regarding the title I ask myself, why? But otherwise a commendable painting. Oil on Canvas / 101 cm x 86 cm / 1962

  • Bridge Burned

    How many Bridges does one burn in a lifetime? Oil on Canvas / 84 cm x 117 cm / 1962  /  SOLD  

  • Bouquet

    My wife, Jeanine, inspired me constantly to paint every so often a flower Still-life. Oil on Masonite / 61 cm x 46 cm / 1964

  • Blue Fruit – Still-life

    Neo-cubistic approach to Still-life. Oil on Wood Panel / 30.4 cm x 43.2 cm / 1964

  • Attic Collections

    Items from the past that we seldom see. Oil on Canvas / 76 cm x 86 cm  / 1964

  • Village of the Past

    Architectural remnant of an old town. Acrylic on canvas / air brush / 88.9 x 101.6 cm / 1969 / Gifted.

  • Shrinking Reservoir

    Shortage of element H2O. Mod. Paste & Acrylic, Air brush on canvas / 60.9 x 66.0 cm / 1969

  • On the Moon

    Spaceship on the moon with the blue earth. From my “Moon” series. Not surprisingly a painting inspired by the Lunar Landings. Mod. Paste/ Acrylic / air brush on canvas / 76.2 x 91.4 cm / 1969

  • Journey’s End in Galaxy X

    The hypothetical assumption of someone visiting a planet where life evaporated.  Mod. Paste/ Acrylic/ air brush on canvas / 101.6 x 121.9 cm / 1969

  • Island in Space

    Seemingly weightless mass in, not out of our space. Acrylic on Canvas / 76.2 x 76.2 cm / 1968

  • First and Last Act of Civilisation

    Unlike in a play, where the last act can show a change from the first act – in human history the last act may be as void as it was in the beginning. Mod. Paste / Acrylic on canvas / 60.9 x 66.0 cm / 1969

  • Expiration

    This painting belongs to the Series “The Element: CREATION” – in itself the title of a painting that illustrates the Big Bang theory. The series then ends with EXPIRATION assuming, as shown, that all created bodies expire eventually from the centre out, the same way everything began. Acrylic with air brush on canvas 86.3 x […]

  • Rising Earth over Moon

    From the Series THE ELEMENT: CREATION. Modeling Paste, Acrylic w. air brush over canvas / 1969

  • Dividing Wall

    SING TO THE WALL A REQUIEM, a wall, dividing you and me – dividing us since I remember. Once I assumed that you were I, until it proved that suspicion looked secretly through mirrors loopholes, striking me as a game one grows tired of. / Sing to the walls, invisible, raised between mankind, dividing him since […]

  • Creation

    This painting is the introduction to the Series “The element: CREATION”. It simulates the Big Bang theory. Mod. Paste/ Acrylic/ Air brush on canvas / 96.5 x 76.2 cm / 1969 / Gifted to Grandson

  • Condition Unchanged

    From the Series “The Element: Creation”. Within its body the Moonscape remains strangely unchanged. Mod. Paste / Acrylic / Air brush on canvas / 78.7 x 83.9 cm / 1969

  • Communication Gap

    The bridge destroyed is to everything our life depends on the worst loss of man. Mod. Paste/ Acrylic/ Air brush on canvas / 104.1 x 83.8 cm / 1969

  • City’s Pollution

    Although pollution usually appears grey, in my rendering one may associate the yellows with the toxic acids that circle a city.  Mod. Paste & Acrylic on canvas / 81.2 x 101.6 cm / 1968

  • And Time Began

    From the Series “CREATION” a Spaceman at the rim of a crater. Only with his appearance time on the moon begins ticking. Mixed media, Acrylic w. Air brush on canvas / 81.2 x 91.4 cm /

  • Star of Solitude

    Something that in the Universe barely exists but from the human experience, relating to our surrounding, one may sometimes feel that way. Acrylic and air brush on canvas / 76.2 x 81.2 cm / 1969

  • Moon with Planets

    An arrangement of heavenly bodies as we never see. Mixed media / Oil on Masonite / 76.2 x 49.5 cm / 1969

  • Ancient Castle

    The subject of this residence, so remote as fairy tales, is in the twilight unrecognizable but filled with warm surrounding. Oil on Canvas / 76.2 x 101.6 cm / 1964 / sold

  • Two Children

    When after having have lost each other, then meet again, it is a good reason to embrace. The original title was “Found Again.” Oil on canvas / 71.1 cm x 45.7 cm / 1961

  • Flower Still-life

    This is in colour a more subdued composition with minor emphasis on reality or the flowers themselves.   Oil on canvas / 50.8 x 40.6 cm / 1961

  • Tribute to Rembrandt

    In the original, Rembrandt painted his son, reading. In my version however, I was trying to capture the essence of what made this painter so different from other painters. My tribute to Rembrandt is not meant as a copy of the original with his skill in technique or observation but, although in an semi-abstract manner, to emphasize the mystery and depth he […]

  • Tower of Babylon

    A mythical expression of something that is unreachable, we use it symbolically for something that goes over our head and other things we treat at the top while the foundation decays. Oil on canvas / 91.4 x 66.0 cm / 1961  

  • Three Figures

    The resemblance of figures in this composition is very slim but there is a certain dimension in the structure I pursued. Oil on canvas / 71.1 x 45.7 cm / 1961

  • The Egyptians

    Fascinated by the culture, workmanship, artistic concept and beliefs of the Egyptians, I was inspired to portray pyramids, sculptured sphinx and colours what characterises their grand scale thinking. Oil on canvas, 71.1 x 91.4 cm / 1960

  • Thanksgiving

    At the arrival of autumn and harvest the colours are golden against the blue sky . Oil on canvas / 69.9 x 76.2 cm / 1960  

  • Sudden Freedom

    The blinding light after being kept in darkness. Applies also to no physical rescue and change but here through images expressed metaphorically. Oil on Canvas / 55.8 x  40.6 cm / 1960 / Sold  

  • Subject Enclosed

    Must leave it to the viewer to feel if anything encloses anything. ? Oil on Canvas / 76.2 x 55.8 cm / 1960  

  • Sculptor’s Dream

    In the preparation of a sculpture, the artist is dreaming of the basic structure of a sphinx of which the Egyptians were so well in command. The yellow sand and gold are a symbol of their heritage and the white is a window that has allowed us to experience their culture. Oil on canvas / […]

  • Quartet / 61

    The warm colours of this venue in a chamber music setting reflects the possible pleasant sound. Oil on Canvas / 81.2 x 66.0 cm / 1961  

  • Out of Paradise

    Yes, so it is told in Genesis but frequently in life we are losing our current grace and stand before a new beginning. Oil on Canvas board / 66.0 x 55.8 cm / 1960  

  • Lake / 60

    Lake with mountains as I remembered. Oil on canvas / 55.6 x 40.6 cm / 1960  

  • Insight

    So much that we are trying to find out and to know; searching for insight. Oil on canvas / 76.2 x 60.9 cm / 1961  

  • Jeanine, my Wife

    When I drew this portrait of my wife, Jeanine between 1965 and 1970, I worked mainly on Semi- and Abstract images and several different techniques. However, my wife’s feature inspired me to draw a portrait in a conventional style. Brown pencil drawing on off-white paper / 27 cm x 17 cm / 1965 – 1970

  • Gothic Architecture

    In the thirteenth and fourteenth Century,the builders made it their task to reach the heavens, as well as it became a Christian spiritual journey in Europe. My emphasis in this painting is the harmony of various forms that rise vertically into the sky. Oil on Canvas / 66.0 x 40.6 cm / 1960

  • Friendly Avenue

    A bird’s eye view of a city street. Its buildings and joyous colours seem to open the avenue.   Creon drawing and watercolours on paper / 1961

  • Flower Still-life / Turquoise

    Among the many Semi-Abstract and Abstract painting surfaces a Representational joyful image in colour and form, balanced image. Oil on Canvas / 66.0 x 45.7 cm / 1961

  • Eternal Light

    The constant energy present in the Universe and Space or the constant light displayed in Churches that emulate spiritually the Eternal Light. Oil on Canvas / 81.2 x 76.2 cm / 1961    

  • Dwelling

    Unusual configuration of housing, in pieces, taken apart as it were. Oil on canvas / 76 cm x 55 cm / 1961

  • Cosmic View

    Lines and masses structural in rotation. Perhaps more to think about than see.  Oil on Canvas / 101.6 x 76.2 cm / 1961

  • Bastion Concrete

    Within a threat being safe and trying to defend a principal. Oil on Canvas / 88.9 x 76.2 cm  / 1961

  • City Scape

    A more painterly, less architectural constructed city in a friendly, golden light. Oil on canvas / 91.4 x 71.1 cm / 1961

  • Village by the Sea

    Reflecting the sea in buildings on the shore. Modeling Paste & Oil on canvas / 50.8 x 60.0 cm / 1964

  • Orange in Landscape

    The title should be “Orange colour in Landscape”, used here to give the green a livelier and more interesting contrast. Oil on canvas / 55.8 x 76.2 cm / 1961

  • Atlantis, sunken City

    My fascination with this ancient myth of a highly civilized, technically advanced city that one unknown day submerged into the Ocean. Oil on canvas / 78.8 x 101.6 cm / 1960

  • Beast in Landscape

    Since the colour green reminds us of all its different shades in nature, painters have almost found it NOT employable in semi-abstract expressions. It seems to lack depth and has symbolically little to say. Unlike the primary colours. They have many meanings. For example, Blue can be mysterious, expresses the infinite, and symbolizes Heaven. Yellow […]

  • Group of Trees

    Sculptured trees seen reflected as in water. Oil on canvas / 55.8 x 76.2 cm / 1961  

  • Head in Landscape

    Since the colour green reminds us of all its different shades in nature, painters have almost found it NOT employable in semi-abstract expressions. It seems to lack depth and has symbolically little to say about relation to life. Unlike the primary colours. However, an old saying exclaims, hope is green and the romantic novelists hinted […]

  • Wrecking Crew

    As for the subject I do not remember how this came to mind but has to do with housing projects when rightly or wrongly a tenant has to move out. As to the method of Hard Edge paintings, refer to image Cliff Structure. Oil glazing on canvas / 88.9 x 78.7 cm / 1965

  • Rocket Launch Pad

    A special time in the 1960’s of space exploration, observing those rockets blast off; suspenseful if the intended hardware or human, his mission, will succeed. It lead to fierce competition between the USA and Russia to conquer this new frontier. They created mistrust that escalated the Cold War. At the same time, because of enormous […]

  • Northern Forest

    A mixture of healthy and decaying trees, brushwork laying criss-cross at the edge of lakes, ponds, stagnant waters with rock formation surfacing. As to the method of Hard Edge paintings, refer to image Cliff Structure. Oil glazing on canvas / 76.2 x 81.2 cm / 1965 / Sold od

  • Urban Architecture

    My own design of a modern structure newly arisen in cities during this time. The slightly leaning vertical in the building is a hint of its vulnerability over time. As to the method of Hard Edge paintings, refer to image Cliff Structure. Oil glazing on canvas / 81.2 x 50.8 cm / 1965

  • Order & Calculation Intruding

    In my last three Hard Edge paintings before the decade of the sixties ended, I refrained from geometrical straight lines and employed open, loose forms. In this painting a small square that appears constructive and organized enters from the left like an intrusion. As to the method of Hard Edge paintings, refer to image Cliff […]

  • Stretching and Yawning

    In my last three Hard Edge paintings before the decade of the sixties ended, I refrained from geometrical straight lines and employed open, loose forms.  After finishing this canvas, the central ‘figure’ suggested the comical title. As to the method of Hard Edge paintings, refer to image Cliff Structure. Acrylic on canvas / 121.9 x […]

  • Collage

    To change the texture of the composition I employed different materials. A plain aesthetic experiment. Mixed media on Masonite / 50 x 50 cm /  1965 

  • Festival Salzburg

    Inspiration to this work is a result from listening to Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto with its gracious, majestic passages. By using warm colours that surface amidst meditative blues and violets and this semi-abstract rendering combines an architectural composition that has traces of Salzburg, Mozart’s hometown. Oil on canvas / 71.1 x 81.2 cm / 1960

  • Cliff Structure

    The choice of cliffs as subject lent itself using the Hard Edge technique to achieve a dimensional appearance. This is technically one of seven first Hard Edge paintings. Although this Hard Edge term existed already for ten years (of which I was barely aware), my work is totally without influence and does not resemble any […]

  • Industry

    not comment yet – oil on canvas

  • Archeological Findings

    not comment yet – oil on canvas

  • Diagonal

    No comment – Oil on Canvas – 1967

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