Since the colour green reminds us of all its different shades in nature, painters have almost found it NOT employable in semi-abstract expressions. It seems to lack depth and has symbolically little to say. Unlike the primary colours. They have many meanings. For example, Blue can be mysterious, expresses the infinite, and symbolizes Heaven. Yellow conveys happiness, prosperity but also envy, mistrust, symbolizes Royalty and Gods. Red, the boldest of them all stands for charity and martyrdom, hell, love, youth, fervor, boasting, sin and atonement. However, in German Literature, an old saying maintains, green is Hope and the romantic novelists hinted that green signifies the Devil. Aside of those implications, using primarily green for the semi-abstract work, I took it as a challenge to execute several paintings with the attempt to give GREEN a painterly dimension.

.Oil on canvas / 81.2 x 101.6 cm / 1961